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How Custom Web Content Tells Your Story

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Customization is key to setting your web content apart from the crowd. Envision the care and distinction you create with each lesson plan, classroom design and syllabus. Now imagine delivering that same organizational identity not only to your website but to each page, post and form. As educators and staff, we know we can all be a little Type A. Uniformity makes us happy, and seeing a streamlined website is just the icing on the cupcake.

Discover how custom-curated web content can tell your brand's story. Add your signature to every word and design websites with impact.

Websites Built Around YOU

What's the first thing you notice when entering a building? The colors, the design, the air of professionalism or a hint of curiosity in the pursuit of learning? Many educational institutions now have their first introduction to the community online. However, the importance of conveying your brand's identity remains strong. In fact, websites have opened up a wealth of opportunities to demonstrate what your brand is all about.

Custom web content means that every element on your website will be uniquely tailored to fit your brand. Often, a cookie-cutter web design platform may feature a customizable landing page with generic web pages and blog layouts. This can make your About Us page look jarring compared to a branded home page, for example. Utilizing a custom platform designed with learning institutions in mind guarantees the delivery of a succinct, uniform and aesthetically inviting final product. Elements such as visual hierarchy are taken into account, so you can be sure the message of your content is properly conveyed alongside any action items you'd like users to engage with. Content that reflects your voice and values is paramount as an educational institution seeking to be a resource for your community.

It's a bit like working with your own private ad agency, curated for the modern age of digital delivery. Your new visitors will feel welcome, as if they walked through the front door. 

Optimized Around User Experience

Brand distinction is the first thing you want your guests to know about your organization. The second is how easy it is to interact with your important content. Navigating registration, custom portals, forums and other data should feel like a stress-free experience for new and old users alike.

Website customization empowers organizations to create their platform around the needs of each individual user. This may look like saved user data that remembers each user's demographics and preferences, as well as easy and intuitive navigation. When it comes to educational institutions, some of the best features of custom web content include seamless communication platforms and efficient ways to enter data like absences and student health information. Other key features include calendar synchronicity from a user's dashboard so that their important dates and events are set to trigger notification reminders. In addition, more and more users browse via mobile devices. As a result, iOS and Android compatibility is quickly becoming a must for organizations. Users want their content to appear uniform across their devices for a clean, visually appealing experience that is easy to navigate.

Customization is a win for web users. However, organizations gather integral demographic data that keeps them better informed on key metrics. Easily track a user's journey and role throughout your institution and use this data to detect trends and growth opportunities.

Boost Search Engine Optimization for Schools

You don't need a class in SEO to boost search engine optimization for your school. A custom-curated website takes marketability into account when designing your unique digital footprint. Your space is built for the community you want to attract. That means everything from fonts and colors to keywords and metadata is designed for improved SEO.

So what exactly does SEO mean for your organization? Aside from being a fancy acronym for today's brands, SEO simply refers to how easily your organization can be found on the internet. Do you want your website to rank high for key search terms such as "best elementary schools in my state" or "open teaching jobs in my city?" If so, it's vital to ensure a good SEO score built on well-researched keyword metrics. These keywords aren't always intuitive, though. Choosing the right terms, the frequency of these terms throughout the content on your website and formatting elements, such as headers and fonts to optimize SEO, is an art.

When you work with an SEO-driven platform developer, you're getting far more than a simple web build. You're collaborating with marketing gurus to boost your brand's SEO and drive traffic to your content.

Let's get your site to the top of your audience's search ranking with custom-curated content to engage your core users.

Leverage Growth with Content That Evolves Alongside Your Organization

Static web content quickly becomes outdated as organizations grow and change. A website is slow and frustrating for users to navigate when it is not designed to update alongside new requirements. Within the education realm, evolution is inevitable. Your content must be equipped to handle the challenges of a dynamic business environment. 

Custom webpages empower organizations to scale the development process with a solid foundation in place. You have complete creative control to add additional functionality as needed or retire elements of a webpage that are no longer helpful. This keeps your content sleek, without a cluttered archive of outdated elements taking up space on your landing page. You can easily update staff changes, make edits to important content and roll out new events and key dates to remember. Best of all, your dedicated project team is in charge of rolling out all updates and ensuring no downtime for your staff. 

Build your voice alongside our team at SchoolBundle. We look forward to partnering with you in creating your brand. Our organization partners enjoy the benefit of customized content control and full creative license to add their distinction to each page. We'll handle the SEO, maintenance and delivery, so you can stay focused on your areas of expertise.

Contact our team to discover more about the benefits of a custom learning platform. Let's start sharing your organization's story today!

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