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Go Mobile: How Apps Can Improve Your School's Communication Strategy

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Does your community have an appetite for apps? More and more websites are leveraging mobile technology to improve their communication strategy. Within the education community, apps are becoming a highly effective tool for delivering information at a click. Today's mobile users vastly outnumber desktop connectors. We've touched on the need for ensuring Android and iOS compatibility when it comes to web design, but what about leveling up your mobile platform?

Utilizing an app to streamline communications is easier than you might expect. Join our team in exploring the benefits of implementing apps within your community.

Ready to launch your own app adventure? We can guide you there too!

Apps Create Efficiency

What exactly makes mobile apps a game changer? Let's dive deeper into how apps improve the user experience for many organizations and their communities.

The number one reason users love apps is efficiency. On average, apps tend to be five times faster than web browsing. Users can find the information they're looking for more expediently. Features such as quick links, live chat, and easy registration make the process much smoother than navigating an entire website. There's less lag time and less searching for what your users need.

So what exactly is the secret behind why apps are faster than websites? Websites are powered by javascript code, an outdated function that creates a slower framework. Mobile apps run more than twice as fast thanks to their unique backend code. As a result, users on the front end enjoy a seamless browsing experience.

Many apps are designed with a user portal in mind so users can effortlessly navigate to the exact screen they need upon login. For educators, this serves as a dynamic portal for students, parents, and faculty partners.

Best of all, apps significantly reduce the burden on staff resources by providing information directly to your community. Studies indicate that today's users would rather access the convenience of an app rather than make a phone call. This is a win-win as apps dramatically streamline processes, freeing up valuable staff time and resources while keeping users satisfied with their experience.

Provide a Personalized Experience

Let's face it. There's nothing personal about being the 500th visitor to a webpage. With apps, users can customize and store preferences so that they feel like the one and only member of a given community. This is an empowering tool within the education sphere. Our goal as educators is to make every user feel that they are receiving a uniquely tailored experience. After all, each member of our community is important to us. Their initial experience leaves a powerful first impression on the organization as a whole.

Apps can store user data locally so that members can always access their preferences upon login. Websites are slow, clunky, and use web servers that take a long time to retrieve data. If you've ever seen the speed of data retrieval via app, this is powered by your local device. Apps can sync with stored data as well to readily populate demographic info such as names, regions, addresses, and contact information. When it comes to multi-user registrations in the education arena, this is a game changer for both users and admins.

Mobile apps allow users to set their preferences upon their initial registration. This puts your community members in control of the content relevant to them. Our mobile devices are always close at hand, so an app simply makes sense for today's on-the-go users who prioritize a custom, yet efficient, experience.

Improved Communication Strategy

Waiting for an email or picking up the phone to get your questions answered is not the experience most users want when they interact with an organization. Apps have a much more visually appealing format when it comes to communication systems. As educators, we know more than half of the information we retain is visual. That means creating a sleek interface is highly important.

Increased User Engagement

Push button notifications are far more effective in terms of open and click rates. On an app, users will see these notifications to the right of the profile page, readily available and easy to click on. This is far more effective than navigating to an inbox or switching windows. Content that can be delivered instantaneously has a far greater rate of user engagement and click-to-conversion ratio -- roughly 63% more effective in terms of new registrations, new website visits, or new profiles!

24/7 Assistance Available

Live chat features and chatbots are extremely helpful tools in providing 24/7 assistance. No one likes waiting. With app technology, users never have to wait for information. Chat assistance can answer basic questions automatically through the use of smart AI technology. In addition, live chats with dedicated agents available from certain time blocks are more efficient than a traditional "phone the office" section on a website. The instant gratification of being able to speak to a team member is far more satisfying than email. 

Whatever the goal of your information, apps streamline those communications and improve both user satisfaction and engagement. Articles and discussions are read, events are registered for, and messages are sent between users right away. A robust network can be built and powered, all through one simple app.

Robust Scalability

Users can access their data anywhere, anytime. Unlike a static webpage, an app database grows alongside an organization and allows for endless possibilities for expansion and customization. In fact, apps can support far more users while still maintaining efficient and effective speeds than traditional web databases. It's no wonder more and more organizations are going mobile to meet increasing user demand.

Let Mobile Technology Power Your Communication Strategy

Are you ready to implement mobile app technology to power your communications? Leveraging an app for your organization can be a seamless transition when guided by an expert. The process requires little time from your team and shows a commitment to modernization and long-term loyalty to your community base. Ultimately, embracing emergent technologies will save time (and stress) for your evolving organization.

Reach out to our experts today to learn more. Empowering better connections through streamlined technology is our goal in supporting our education community.

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