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Empower your staff to easily create, share and manage their content, all with role-based permissions. Ensure your district has a unified message while allowing each school a personal brand.
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From our Single-Source™ Publishing – allowing you to create once, share everywhere; from notifications to news stories and social media to our dynamic pages, calendars, directories and more, your board has the tools to succeed. With a mobile-first, responsive design, integrations with your existing systems, like your SIS and accessibility built right in, Web Solutions is built for your district.

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Responsive Design

Responsive design is about more than just resizing content across devices, it's about providing the best possible experience for every visitor to easily navigate your sites.

Easy To Use

With Web Solutions your staff no longer have to use workarounds and time-consuming processes to deliver on-brand and up-to-date information.


Empower your staff to easily create share and manage their content, all with role-based permissions. Ensure your district has a unified message while allowing each school a personal brand.

Social Media

Social Media

Reduce friction by integrating social media posting into your existing work, scheduling social media posts at the same time when you write content into your site, all without leaving the platform.

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts & Notifications

Information needs to get out quickly and be seen by your audience. With SchoolBundle you write and push out with one click to every site, social media, email and mobile at once.

Scalable Solutions



Accessibility is about more than font sizes and text colour; it’s about ensuring your content is available for and reachable by every member of your audience. Our platform supports everyone creating content, pages, notifications, forms and more to meet WCAG 2.1 Level AA accessibility.

Single Source Publishing

Single Source Publishing

Stop repeating work and wasting your valuable time, with our platform you can create content once, from notifications to news posts, then schedule and share it to as many sites, channels and mediums as you want, all on brand.



Bring together your dozens of calendars from board-wide holidays to individual classrooms in one dynamic place, displaying the dates, timetables, and event search each unique viewer needs to see.



With Directories, you can provide contact information for every staff, student, and teacher in a way that is easily searchable while controlling what is visible to any given person based on their existing permissions across your entire site.

News and Blogs

News & Blogs

Allow any staff to create and share content to the appropriate news and blog pages as well as social media, all tagged and searchable for your audience.



Easy to create, highly visible links that live on your pages. You can set links as defaults for every school in your district and still allow them to add on to that set based on their unique situation.

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