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Winnipeg School Division Moves to SchoolBundle 3.0

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Winnipeg School Division has moved from SchoolBundle 2.0, an on-premise Sharepoint-based solution to our new cloud-based Sharepoint-free platform in SchoolBundle 3.0.

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"Working with SchoolBundle for this project was a delight. Their professionalism and dedication to our success made this process a positive experience. The updated platform is very easy to use and will help all of our staff in sharing our content.”

Andrew Pollreis, Public Relations Services, Winnipeg School Division


Winnipeg School Division provides a learning environment that fosters the growth of each student’s potential and provides equitable opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for meaningful participation in a global and diverse society. The Winnipeg School Division is the largest in Manitoba, consisting of 79 schools collectively teaching over 33,000 students in central and pre-unicity Winnipeg.

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Challenges and Results

After 9 years as a loyal customer, Winnipeg School Division was excited to move to the new SchoolBundle 3.0 platform. The new platform brought not only an updated design for their websites but a complete upgrade for creating and managing their content. SchoolBundle 3.0 gave Winnipeg School Division smoother publishing, a powerfully simple UI and easy to navigate platform with our WYSIWYG editor. The SchoolBundle 3.0 platform supports everyone in the district regardless of their technical background.

This move was an opportunity for Winnipeg School Division to move away from the pains of hosting and managing an on-premise solution and embrace the benefits of the cloud with the improved reliability that SchoolBundle provides through Microsoft Azure.

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“We were excited to do the design refresh for Winnipeg School Division and build on our existing relationship. This project was a good experience; working with the team was great. It was an extremely smooth transition.”

Richard Plantt, RGD, Creative Director, SchoolBundle

Refresh and Refine Design program

Updating the design for Winnipeg School Division’s new websites as a part of our Refresh and Refine Design program was a very positive experience. This program is SchoolBundle’s commitment to ending the cycle of rip and replace websites every few years and instead combine the existing and familiar design with the latest best practices and styles to provide the best in usability and appearance.

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