Why You Need To Get Started With a Unified Communications Platform in 2023

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In the past, more sophisticated and feature-packed phone systems were only available to well-established businesses and organizations. This was primarily due to the fact that purchasing and maintaining such systems was very costly. However, that is a thing of the past, and we have the cloud to thank for it.

It has become easier and cheaper for businesses of all sizes and industries to have a reliable communication system thanks to cloud communications technology, notably Unified Communications (UC) platforms. The education sector is one industry that stands to benefit immensely from UC platforms.

Tools provided by Unified Communications can assist educational institutions of all levels, from primary schools to universities, in running more smoothly and effectively. If you haven't given Unified Communications for your school/school district much thought yet, now would be an excellent moment to start.

What is Unified Communications?

Cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) is a platform that integrates multiple important communication and collaboration tools into a single platform with a unified user interface.

A Unified Communications platform enables users to access several real-time communication channels on their preferred device within a single "unified" interface. A UC platform eliminates the need for users to always move between several applications and devices.

Unified Communications facilitate faster internal and external communication by allowing users to communicate on any platform of their choosing (mobile, tablet, or personal computer) while still having access to all of their communications in a single location and with automatic synchronization.

With Unified Communications platforms, users can interact through:

  • Interactive file and screen sharing
  • Instant messaging
  • SMS texting from a dedicated phone number
  • Virtual whiteboards
  • Video conferencing
  • Cloud-based voice telephony
  • Website live chat
  • Send and receive paperless fax

Schools and school districts can better connect students, instructors, staff, and other internal stakeholders by using Unified Communications platforms.

Why Do You Need a Unified Communications Platform?

In today's fast-paced world, schools and school districts must be agile and adaptable. UC helps you achieve this by integrating a variety of technologies into a single system, allowing you to run more efficiently and communicate more effectively. Here are some reasons why you need a Unified Communications Platform:

1. Connect Faculty

Thanks to unified communications, your school's teaching and administrative staff can communicate more effectively and from any device. Instant messaging allows you to have a chat with two or more members of the staff at the same time. Faculty members can discuss issues like school trips and timetables without having to wait until they meet in the school corridors.

2. Connect Students

A Unified Communications Platform allows teachers to interact with students, either for one-on-one assistance or for classroom discussions. Using cloud-based tools, students can connect with one another and work on group assignments remotely. There is a sense of empowerment among students when they are encouraged to take ownership of their own education.

3. Improve Parental Communication

Some parents are unable to attend parent-teacher conferences because of their work schedules. You may also require both parents in the room when discussing a child's well-being. With video conferencing, it's far easier to schedule a meeting than it is to get everyone into the school at the same time.

In order to keep tabs on children's progress and performance, parents and teachers must stay in touch on a regular basis. It is difficult to evaluate student achievement if schools don't make it easy for parents to contact them.

4. Promote Remote Learning

Teachers can provide courses to students no matter where they are, thanks to video conferencing tools. A Unified Communications Platform is especially helpful for students who are taking classes online or who are otherwise unable to attend in person. Instant Messaging also allows for real-time communication.

5. Responding Quickly to Emergencies

Another issue that most schools have to deal with is disseminating information in times of emergency, disaster, or other crisis. Schools need a comprehensive platform to communicate with parents, students, and staff.

Schools that can inform the relevant people in the event of an emergency are more prepared and more secure. It's possible to save more lives when people are able to communicate more effectively in times of disaster.

What Do You Need in a Communications Platform?

When you give your school community the powerful and user-friendly features available on Unified Communications Platforms, they will be able to connect with one another easily and quickly. Here's what you need in a communications platform:

  • Single-source publishing — This is the ability to create once and publish everywhere.
  • Dynamic pages and content that updates across sites and channels automatically.
  • Reduce time spent maintaining sites and sharing messaging.
  • A robust training program with a tool that requires minimal training but allows users to dive deep when needed.
  • Accessibility.

People can achieve greater levels of productivity and quality in their job when they collaborate well with one another. Choosing a Unified Communications Platform for your school necessitates planning how to implement it. The good news is that the administrative tools are powerful and reliable, simplifying the end user experience.

Getting Buy-in From Senior Leadership and the IT Team

Implementing Unified Communication is a great way of improving communication in your school. A Unified Communications Platform saves your stakeholders a lot of time. School communication teams get improved engagement through a UC platform by leveraging a multichannel approach.

Stakeholders in the school system can save time that is usually wasted on messaging. For instance, teachers that need to speak with one another can do so over a UC Platform without disrupting lessons.

Your IT department will have less to worry about with Unified Communications because they can outsource most of the communications tool maintenance to an expert vendor.

Get Started with the SchoolBundle Unified Communications Platform

Providing students and parents with constant access to information is essential to fostering a positive school-family relationship. Your staff needs a better tool, and your community needs consistency and control over the content they get, so get started with a Unified Communications Platform in 2023.

At SchoolBundle, we offer a communication solution that can be scaled to meet the needs of all of your stakeholders, including your students, staff, teachers, and parents. Are you looking for a Unified Communications Platform for your school/school district? Contact us today.

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