SchoolBundle chosen by Campbell River for Unified Communications

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SchoolBundle is excited to be chosen by Campbell River School District as their Unified Communications Platform. They will be launching their Mobile App, Parent Portal, Websites, Knowledge Centre, Class Sites, Forms, E-Commerce and Employee Portal with SchoolBundle.

Campbell River joins SchoolBundle
"It is a delight for SchoolBundle to be working with Campbell River School District to truly develop their Unified Communications strategy." - Chris Federico, CEO, SchoolBundle


Geographically Campbell River School District is located in British Columbia on the east coast of central Vancouver Island, extending north to Sayward and south to Oyster River and includes the outer islands of Read, Cortes, and Quadra. The area has a combined population of approximately 60,000 residents and serves 5,500 students and approximately 900 employees across 17 schools and one alternative learning centre. Campbell River School District is dedicated to the achievement of personal excellence for all members of its learning community; staff, students, and parents alike.

The Problem

Campbell River School District knew that they were due for a change as they moved away from the Sharepoint 2012 system which would no longer be supported. Over the years they had found limitations with their old solution in both design and functionality.  These limitations came to the forefront in particular over the course of the pandemic. Their existing system was challenging for employees to use and created communication gaps when their important stories and updates were pushed out by more recent content, regardless of their need to have that key information front and center. Campbell River School District also saw this as an opportunity to expand their communications services and grow their relationships with parents and guardians through the use of the Parent Portal and Mobile App.

“Improved usability, a streamlined online experience, more mobile-friendly sites and a parent mobile app were important solutions to help us improve parent and community engagement.” Jennifer Patrick, Manager of Communications, Campbell River School District

The Solution

With the goal of Unified Communications in mind, Campbell River School District saw SchoolBundle as the best platform to meet their growing needs. After seeing the platform in action, the ease of use offered by our WYSIWYG editor and the control over notifications, their choice was cemented. The breadth and connectivity of the SchoolBundle platform piqued their interest as well, providing an opportunity to expand their communications channels and connect with their community.

“We were impressed with the flexibility of the SchoolBundle platform. Their willingness to design and develop their solution based on the needs of their customers was a major selling point.” Barbara Drake, IT Manager, Campbell River School District

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