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Foothills takes communications to the next level with SchoolBundle

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Foothills School Division successfully launched their new websites on the SchoolBundle Unified Communications Platform in July 2021. Their new design was clean, accessible and exactly what they were looking for to bring their communications to the next level.

Foothills School Division website on iPads - Homepage and Newsfeed


Foothills School Division serves the learning needs of approximately 8,200 students in junior kindergarten (pre-kindergarten) through grade 12 at the southern border of the city of Calgary, Alberta. Between 19 public schools, an open campus location providing academic and behavioral support programs, and three Hutterite Colony schools, Foothills employs more than 900 teachers and support staff who are focused on their goal of improving learning for ALL students.

Example of Foothills School Division school homepages on tablet and mobile device

The Trigger

As their current provider, Breeze for Teachers, announced the end of their solution on December 31, 2021, Foothills knew now was the time to choose the best platform for their district.  The expectation for quick, accurate, and clear communication continues to grow and Foothills needed to find a solution that would meet these expanding demands and support their Education Plans. This meant finding a platform that was more than just websites or phone calls, it needed to encompass their entire communications strategy in one place. Foothills needed a platform that would be accessible, user-friendly and support their entire school community.

The Answer

SchoolBundle was Foothills School Division's number one choice to meet these new needs.  With our Unified Communications Platform, Foothills found the answer to the big picture communications they wanted. Our Platform now serves as their central location to manage and improve community relationships, further developing their existing channels and introducing new ones, including a Mobile App. Their staff team quickly learned the simplified CMS and have begun creating and sharing content on their sites.

Foothills Find a School landing page on laptop
SchoolBundle was able to accelerate our project while also maintaining professional design and execution. They've been with us every step of the way in ensuring our new systems meet our current and future goals,

- Candace Denison, Communications & PR Manager, Foothills School Division

Their old websites were cumbersome and a challenge, not only to keep up to date but to ensure they met accessibility guidelines; a challenge that the old sites often could not meet. Utilizing the SchoolBundle Platform allows the teachers and staff of Foothills School Division to easily manage their content with accessibility checks built-in so they can take that extra time to focus on the relationships in their community.

A Customized Solution

We know that while every board has the same core purpose, providing an education, the challenges every board faces change with their community and their unique situation. These specific needs are why our team worked with Foothills every step of the way to develop a design that would leverage the research and experience we have built through our work with other boards to answer the unique needs of Foothills School Division.

A specific request from Foothills’ senior leadership was to better profile the Division on the homepage. Often the "about us" is hidden in a navigation menu, rarely to be visited. We were able to incorporate their Engagement, Support, Success priorities seamlessly, providing a visual representation that had been lacking in the past.

Working with Foothills School Division has been an absolute delight. Their commitment to this project and providing the best possible service to their community has ensured this launch was a success.

- Richard Plantt, Creative Director, SchoolBundle

Design requests are not the only area where SchoolBundle takes customization into account. Foothills wanted an easy way to let families and students know the status of bus routes. SchoolBundle listened and built our Bus Routes feature which now helps Foothills to easily manage all of the district’s bus routes from the same location and update any delays or cancellations in real-time directly to their website. Once Foothills has launched with the SchoolBundle Parent Portal and Mobile app, they will be able to push those notices directly into those channels as well with the same updates.

Coming Next

Foothills School Division App - Coming Soon

With the improved navigation, design, accessibility, and structure, Foothills School Division is confident in providing the best communications experience for their entire community. SchoolBundle and Foothills School Division are now working towards launching our Mobile App and Voice as well as Employee and Parent Portals.

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