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SchoolBundle is proud to announce File Hills Qu’Appelle(FHQ) Tribal Council Education Department has chosen us to provide their Mobile App, Parent Portal, Websites and Voice, SMS.

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FHQ Tribal Council consists of 11 First Nations in the Treaty 4 Territory, encompassing a wide portion of Southern Saskatchewan, and represents over 15,000 First Nations citizens both on and off-reserve, serving over 500 students. Currently, the FHQ Tribal Council Education Department delivers enhanced services and programs for six First Nation schools. The purpose of the FHQ Tribal Council Education Department is to support their member nations in the delivery of quality education for their children. The vision is to create an educational system that will provide culturally relevant education that holistically addresses all domains and fosters the development of healthy, productive community members who are wise in the ways of his/her world and the world of others.

The Problem

FHQ Tribal Council Education Department community is very spread out and they knew they needed a solution that would meet the needs of their widespread schools and families. With such a range within their community, some families with landlines, some with cell phones, some homes where any connectivity is a challenge, there is a real need for consistent messaging. FHQ Tribal Council Education Department needed a solution that would allow for fast and consistent messaging that would be easy to use and share the same message across many channels at once. The pandemic highlighted their need for immediate communications around important topics and to the entire community from parents and guardians to health officials.

“Right now it is a scramble to get consistent messaging out. We needed a solution that would make it quick and easy to share out our content.” - Sarah Longman, Director of Education, FHQ Tribal Council Education Department

The Solution

Finding a solution that would work in tandem with their tech team was important to FHQ Tribal Council Education Department.  They chose SchoolBundle to ensure there was a seamless integration between their existing technology and our platform. Ease of use was a big factor as well, as it would reduce the learning curve required to get their employees on board. With SchoolBundle they saw the usability matching other programs and apps they were already familiar with, allowing many users to utilize the platform with minimal to no training.

“SchoolBundle came through as our top choice, not only for the security we found in their hosting solution but with their willingness to support our unique needs and provide consistent communications for our communities.” - Michael Gatin, Superintendent, FHQ Tribal Council Education Department

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