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Cobb County finds their All-in-One Solution with SchoolBundle

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Cobb County School District (CCSD) has launched their newly designed websites with the SchoolBundle platform. SchoolBundle was selected from among several competitors, including solutions outside of the Education industry. We were chosen based on the breadth and depth of our platform in combination with our professionalism and knowledge demonstrated during the selection process. All CCSD’s sites are now live on the SchoolBundle platform and our teams are now on the second phase of our work together, implementing Forms and E-Commerce.

Cobb County School District

"SchoolBundle has shown themselves to be cutting edge in comparison to other applications available. It is built specifically for the Education industry and for School Boards/Districts. I found SchoolBundle to be modern, easy to use, and their technological synchronicity to Office 365 was a real plus.” - Jeanna Finlayson, District Webmaster, CCSD


Mobile and Tablet screen examples

CCSD is the second-largest school system in Georgia and the 23rd largest in the nation out of more than 14,000 districts. It serves nearly 113,000 students with 112 schools, including 67 elementary schools, 25 middle schools, 17 high schools, one early learning center (pre-K), one special education center and one adult education center.

Process and Challenges

Cobb Website Design on mobile devices.

After identifying a growing need to consolidate their existing solutions and update their website for both internal and external stakeholders, CCSD began their search for the right platform to match their goals. While initially looking at CMS solutions, both general and those designed for Education, CCSD quickly discovered SchoolBundle.

SchoolBundle conceptualized and drafted designs for the new sites. We worked very closely with the CCSD communications team to develop wireframes, information architecture, and a final color storyboard presentation that would enhance the user experience for their audience.

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In the current mobile-first world, it was clear that any new design would need to focus on the mobile experience. Our team utilized our knowledge and experience to lay the groundwork; researching into further new ideas, best practices and styles being used both in and out of the education industry to develop the mobile-focused design CCSD now has. Meeting the policies and legal guidelines set down by Section 508 was also a priority for CCSD. They wanted to ensure every member of their community could access and enjoy their new sites, finding the right information quickly and easily. The SchoolBundle team ensured their new design was WCAG 2.0 AA-Level compliant and the platform now supports them to maintain that level of accessibility.

Content Migration and Training

Various Cobb County School pages visible on mobile devices.

Once the design process was complete, it became a matter of managing the large migration of content from the existing sites. As the previous site was built using a collection of solutions, one for news, one for calendars, another to edit webpages; it was a large undertaking to move the content over.

"Thanks so much for getting us trained and the new website rolled out!  It has been so convenient and such a huge time saver.” - Staff Member, CCSD

SchoolBundle provided training to the core team at CCSD. They, in turn, organized quick and easy sessions to introduce their teams and staff to their new CMS. Their team loved the new platform, finding it intuitive and as easy to use as any word processor.


Campbell High School calendar and homepage on desktop computer.

The SchoolBundle platform has been built around the needs and interests of School Districts, and our work with Cobb County was no different.

CCSD became the first district launched on the new SchoolBundle CMS, enjoying the clean, intuitive new user interface for Staff and Teachers, and the modern, easy-to-navigate website design for Students, Parents and the community.

Moving Forward

It has been a thrilling collaboration working with a school district serving a community as large as Cobb County, collaborating with different people and teams across the district to ensure this project delivered excellent mobile-first,  user-centric sites. We are excited to move on to the next phase of our work with CCSD, launching their Parent Portal, Forms and E-Commerce, bringing their community closer together and providing omnichannel communication for parents, guardians, staff, students and teachers.

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