Voice & SMS

Voice, SMS

From absences to emergencies, add voice and SMS to your notifications and expand the reach of your messaging. (Release 2022)

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Your Message. Every Channel.

When you have a message that needs to get to every student, parent and guardian, you want to use as many channels as possible to share that message and do it as quickly as possible. Using the SchoolBundle platform, send your message via email, social, website, SMS and Voice.


Leverage Voice messages from right within the platform you are already using, sharing out to all your channels with one button.

Text-to-Speech or Recordings

Choose to type your message or use your own audio recording, allowing you to share your message in any language you speak!

Detailed Reports

Receive a detailed report after sending your message with live pick-ups, voicemails sent, and out-of-service or unable to connect with numbers, letting you know if your message has reached your audience.

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