Parent Portal

Parent Portal

A dedicated guardian website focused on news, events and notifications for every child enrolled in the School District.

Connecting Teachers & Parents

Today’s family wants to be kept in the loop about their children, without having to reach out to a teacher every time they need to know something. Creating personalized experiences for every member of your audience is easier with the SchoolBundle Solution.


Secure, self-registration and student association. Parents and guardians can register themselves and are then authenticated and granted access to the Parent Portal website.

Community Engagement

Providing added security is a two-factor Authentication when logging in while the option to sign in with social media such as Google or Facebook, ensures a user-friendly process.  

Experience an easier way to manage your content

Learn how SchoolBundle can help you save time and boost your engagement.


Engaging Parents & Guardians

The Parent Portal solution provides a single touchpoint for parents and guardians, providing them the information they are looking for.


As data security threats evolve, a secure authentication solution is critical. The SchoolBundle Parent Portal includes a seamless experience with the integration of single-sign-on using Facebook or Google.

Online Declarations

The Parent Portal offers guardians the ability to view and submit annual online legal declarations with tracking capabilities. View detailed student information, everything from medical profile and emergency contacts to assessments and attendance and know everything is up to date.


Ensure everyone in your audience is receiving your most important messages by providing them directly on their mobile device. Parents, guardians and students can control how and where they receive notifications from right in the app, choosing Push, SMS and Email.

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