Online payments with a simple 3-step check-out process that accepts debit, credit and cash scenarios.

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Online Payments

Provide your school district with an easier way to take care of payments with a simple and secure 3-step check-out process that accepts debit, credit and cash scenarios.

From simple forms – donations, lunch/milk days, events, school clothing and more, to complex multi-step payments for things like school trips, E-Commerce provides an easy solution to collect information and money from students, parents, and the community.

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Simple 3-Step Checkout Process

From collecting money for donations and milk days or for the school trip to Europe, E-Commerce provides a full dashboard, forms, and simple 3-step payment process that manages transactions from individual to school and district-wide campaigns.

Step 1:
Add to Cart

Users select the item(s) and quantities from a form on your website, your school store, or from right in your mobile app.

Step 2:
Review Your Order

An order review appears before the final checkout, making sure everything is in order and their selection is accurate.

Step 3:
Make Payment

Users securely enter their payment information, using Visa, MasterCard, Interac and more, and receive their receipt via email confirming their purchase.

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